Solar Equipment Manufacturers


GreenVolts, Inc., founded in 2005, provides the only complete and fully integrated solar system, including modules, trackers, inverters, ISIS energy management software, networking, AC and DC disconnects, and all DC wiring. With expertise across the entire system, GreenVolts provides support from early planning and continuing over the life of the project. As a result, customers experience unmatched performance, faster installation, easier operation, a new level of customer care, and the lowest cost of energy in the industry.



Ameresco helps organizations meet complex energy management challenges with an integrated comprehensive approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Leveraging budget neutral solutions like energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) and power purchase agreements (PPAs), we eliminate the financial barriers that traditionally hamper energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics

The corporation has become the largest production base of hard ferrite magnet in the world and ferrite cores in China, highly recognized as Chinese Magnetic Capital. As the advertisement: “DMEGC Products, be always with you” , our products cover 23 categories with over 1000 specifications, including hard ferrite magnets, ferrite cores, solar cells, solar modules, rare earth magnets, motor housing, hard alloys, batteries, and flexible copper clad laminate etc, widely used in the fields of electronic appliance, automotive, communication and so on.

Princeton Power Systems


Based in New Jersey, Princeton Power Systems is a leading global designer and manufacturer of technology products for energy management, micro-grid operations, and electric vehicle (EV) charging. Our Company manufactures UL and CE certified power electronics for advanced battery operation and alternative energy, with built-in smart functions for grid ancillary services. PPS also integrates full systems including multiple generation sources, batteries, and other technologies, and designs, commissions, and operates microgrids.

Mariah Power

Mariah’s objective is to create and build innovative commercial and community wind energy systems through ongoing R&D, design and development to offer the most cost effective and efficient wind energy systems possible in the industry