Solar Equipment Manufacturers

Grape Solar

Just as energy is generated from the combination of light and silicon crystals, Grape Solar was created from a fusion of events: a worldwide need for clean, renewable energy and a surplus of high quality solar panels.

Global Supply Chain, Made-in-America, Local Delivery Now: 24-hour Turn-around

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Grape Solar provides one-stop shopping for solar projects by assembling residential, commercial and utility scale systems which include panels, inverters and racking systems.

Nanosolar, Inc

Nanosolar is a leading manufacturer of cost-efficient thin film solar cells and panels.

We utilize an ‘industrial’ printing process to coat CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium) and nanoparticle inks on low-cost aluminum foil in order to enable the world’s thinnest solar cells and lowest-cost solar panels.

The Nanosolar Utility Panel is specifically designed to reduce installation and balance of system costs.

PowerFilm, Inc.


PowerFilm, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of thin, flexible solar modules based on a proprietary low-cost production process. The company's primary objective is to target the building integrated solar power market and supply products for selected portable and remote solar power applications as well as custom and OEM solar module markets.


Our mission is to make clean, renewable solar energy accessible and affordable. That means working hard with the ambition of becoming the best in the world at silicon refining, wafer production and module manufacturing and thereby creating real value for our customers.

Lake Michigan Wind & Sun


Renewable Energy is just part of our clean energy solution.  In order to sustain ourselves, we must also employ energy efficient technologies and institute conservation measures.  Concurrent development of  renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation are important in stabilizing and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and in alleviating the stress on our dwindling fossil fuel supplies.

Silicon Solar Inc

Founded in 1998, Silicon Solar has provided quality products and unparalleled support to our customers worldwide.

Find the best selection and wholesale prices on solar lights, solar fountains, and solar cells along with several solar panels and solar kits. Consistently introduces best-in-class products implemented in solar energy that dramatically improve the customer value proposition.

Founded in 1998, Silicon Solar has provided quality products and unparalleled support to our customers worldwide.

SilRay Incorporated

SilRay has developed several solar power plants since its founding in 2006, one of the biggest projects being a plant for the US Coast Guard.  Through our turn-key development process, SilRay makes developing your own solar plant easy and affordable.

SilRay, Inc. was established in Palo Alto, California, USA in early 2006, with headquarters near Stanford University, the heart and the brain of Silicon Valley.  SilRay also maintains branch operations in Cannes, France, and in Beijing, China.


Solar Frontier Americas Inc.

Solar Frontier's mission is to create the most economical, ecological solar energy solutions on Earth--on the world's largest scale. Our proprietary CIS technology (for key ingredients copper, indium, and selenium) combines compelling economics and energy conversion efficiency today--and greater potential for tomorrow--with superior reliability, stability, sustainability, non-toxicity, design, and lower overall energy consumption in the manufacturing process to yield a faster energy payback time.