Solar Equipment Manufacturers

Williams Form Engineering Corp.

The Williams story began in 1922 when Mr. C. I. Williams graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He immediately took a job with the State of Michigan as a bridge inspector. It was not long until Mr. Williams realized the industry desperately needed an improved system for pouring concrete. By the late 1920's he had developed a concept for a detachable forming system which he called the "Shebolt" system. Mr. Williams quit his job as a bridge inspector, bought some equipment and began manufacturing his new product. 

Valmont Coatings


Valmont Coatings provides quality surface finishes that extend the service life and improve the appearance of metal products throughout the country.

Being an industry leader and one of the country's largest custom galvanizers, Valmont Coatings is confident we can handle all your galvanizing needs. Our streamlined processes and extensive transportation capacities are designed to efficiently handle steel products of all shapes and sizes, for customers nationwide.

Unistrut Construction


Unistrut Construction - Solar Products Group is entrenched in the solar energy marketplace as a mounting structure provider. Our value proposition is simple yet effective, focusing on the five key elements of a solar installation that are critical to the mounting structure.

These capabilities make us the most vertically integrated mounting structure provider in the marketplace. Our abilities include Design/Engineering Services, Components Manufacturing, Fabrication/Assembly, PV Module Mounting Solutions and Installation.



TerraSmart is a leading North American engineering design and manufacturer of solar photovoltaic racking and foundation solutions servicing the solar industry.

 TerraSmart, headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, leads North America in solar racking engineering design and manufacturing with more than 30 years of experience in structural engineering and aluminum and steel fabrication. 



tenKsolar brings to market a fundamentally superior solar solution that is designed as a system. tenK’s system is the most efficient, most reliable and safest photovoltaic solution on the market today.

tenK’s modules are unique in their ability to generate energy from all available light, whether direct, diffused or reflected. The tenK PV module is combined with a proprietary reflector to create the WAVE PV system, which results in an easy-to-install, low-cost solution for roof or ground mount installations.

Sunmodo Corp


Founded by highly skilled engineers, SunModo offers innovative solar panel racking and mounting solutions to residential solar system contractors, commercial installers, industrial system integrators, and PV distributors. Our mission is to provide the best value solar racking and mounting products for solar power systems. SunModo has quickly become known as the high quality provider of cost effective solar mounting products and its products are known for their quality, ease of installation, and affordability.



utperforming expectations with the vision to consider every detail. That's the SolarDock way.Precision engineered for fast installation and maximum power generation, the SolarDock mounting system is built for performance and looks beautiful on your roof. With a TUV Rheinland certification and UL-listing, SolarDock:

Solar Stainless Fasteners


In the 1980's, stainless steel fasteners were sometimes difficult to come by. Except for a few major importers that supplied distributors, inventory was not readily available. Carl Brantley realized stainless steel would never gain wide spread acceptance in the US market place as long as this system kept the pricing out of reach for the average consumer. His plan - to invest heavily in imported stainless steel and sell directly to the OEM. In 1984, he opened Marine Fasteners.

Solar FlexRack

The SOLAR FLEXRACK is the most innovative photovoltaic rack mounting system on the market. Available in ground mount, roof mount and carport models, the SOLAR FLEXRACK is precision-engineered in our ISO:9001 Certified facility. The industry leader in Speed, Savings, Engineering, Durability and Warranty, the SOLAR FLEXRACK erects by a three-man crew in five minutes or less, resulting in significantly accelerated construction times and dramatic savings on labor costs., balance of system cost reductions and a more competitive cost-per-watt.

Snake Tray


Snake Tray® manufactures a series of innovative products for the solar industry all designed and proven to significantly save on labor, time and materials. Our products include a patented hand bendable cable management system, a pre-configured cable tray system for pole mount and cost effective solar racks and roof mount anchors.

Shoals Technologies Group


Shoals Technologies Group is a leading manufacturer of balance of systems solutions. Through innovation and diversification Shoals has grown exponentially since its founding in 1996. Shoals maintains a diverse portfolio of PV balance of systems products, including, combiner/re-combiner boxes, disconnecting combiner boxes, custom harnessing solutions, junction boxes, PV wire, in-line fuses, racking and PV monitoring solutions. Additional information is available at

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S:FLEX specializes in development and sale of a complete range of rooftop and ground mount PV mounting structures. The company has over 17 years of experience and 3 GW of installed systems worldwide with offices in the U.S., Germany, France and Spain.

The high-quality portfolio spans from preassembled structures to customized solutions complemented by a wide range of services. S:FLEX is also the exclusive distributor of the original aerodynamic, lightweight and non-penetrating KNUBIX flat roof system.