Solar Equipment Manufacturers


In all our grid connected systems we are implementing grid inverters with the latest stringing technology. Due to this technology, no complex DC wiring is necessary, so that the assembling costs of an installation can be reduced considerably.

Sunna Tech

Sunna Inverters offer a complete range of inverters and are seeking distributors and lead distributors. Sunna Inverters are approved for use throughout Europe, Australia, America and North America, making them the perfect product to cater to global solar demands.



WeAreSolar(Fitch consulting) is a direct importer of Sunline Solar evacuated tube collectors from China. We sell directly to the end consumer as well as contractors, at very low prices. At this time, installations are personally taken on in about a two hour radius from Berwick. Collectors are marketed to all of North America and all shipping is done via FedX freight fully insured. Additionally, regarding product sold outside of the USA, Fitch Consulting is NOT RESPONSIBLE for customs fees or inspections from the receiving partie's country.