Solar Equipment Manufacturers



A drainback system works on the "drain back" principle. When inclement weather or nightfall shuts down the system, the water in the solar-collector loop drains back into an indoor fluid reservoir by the force of gravity.he water is pumped into the collector piping whenever the system is reactivated.

SMA Sunnyboy

SMA Solar Technology AG is the worldwide market leader for solar inverters, a leading supplier of transformers and chokes, and a provider of innovative energy supply solutions for mass transit and main-line rail transportation.The inverter is technologically the most important component in any solar power system: it converts the direct current generated in photovoltaic cells into alternating current suitable for the grid.


JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE Stock Code: JKS) is one of the few PV manufacturers that has 1.2 GW capacity in 2011 with a vertically integrated model, producing high quality crystalline ingots, wafers, cells, and mono- and multi- crystalline PV panels. Our full control over the production chain allows us to guarantee the highest quality for our products and a much more efficient cost structure.

UPG solar


Universal Power Group, Inc. ("UPG") has evolved into a global supplier and distributor of batteries and related power accessories, and a provider of supply chain solutions.We offer battery power solutions that meet consumer needs for accessibility, portability, security and mobility, coupled with value added offerings such as battery pack assembly and battery replacement/recylcing programs. 

Kaneka solar


KTC started manufacturing operations in 1984 making impact modifier, Kane Ace B, for the plastics industry. Major additions to this plant occurred in 1987 and 1993, making it the largest modifier plant in the world. Kaneka Texas Corporation (KTC) was founded in 1982 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaneka Corporation, Japan.

Ritek solar

s founded in August 2001, Prorit Corp. is the Disc packing shell manufacturing and Disc packing factory for RITEK group in early days. Prorit devotes itself to injection product design, develop and manufacture. Now Prorit are the main supplier for global Disc packing cases and have high market share. In the near future, Prorit will combine packing, delivery and operation in Disc field and move forward global Disc operation center.


GT Solar power is a dynamic company with a vision to provide green and economical solar energy to every human being. We believe in delivering solar electricity anywhere in the world, regardless of region or location. From using the newest green technologies with proven engineering methods, we deliver the next generation of electrical power.


BP is one of the world's leading international oil and gas companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items BP's businesses are organized to deliver the energy products and services people around the world need right now.



AEE Solar, founded in 1979 as Alternative Energy Engineering by David Katz, our founder and CEO, began with the goal of bringing renewable, non-polluting power to homes and businesses in our foothills community in the northern California coastal redwood region. Over the years our vision and scope have steadily expanded, together with the technological advances and rapid growth of the renewable energy industry itself.



Heliodyne is committed to focus purely on solar hot water, allowing us to be a true specialist in the industry. We strive for Excellence by Design™, where excellence is a standard applied to everything we do. And design is not only in our products, but all other aspects of our business such as production, distribution, customer support, and sales.



AET is America’s largest solar thermal manufacturer. We provide turnkey commercial solar water heating solutions as well as pre engineered residential systems. AET and affiliates have been in business since 1975 and is a leader in the solar thermal industry offering comprehensive training, technical support, commercial system sizing, engineering and design.


Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a National high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, marketing and sales of renewable energy products especially for solar and wind power. The main products including inverter & converter for photovoltaic system, UPS converter for mega-watt wind systemand also provides project consulting, system design, technical support, and other
services to the whole project process.


KACO began manufacturing sine inverters more than 60 years ago. The product portfolio offered by KACO today is being used around the globe for rail vehicle and photovoltaic applications.  KACO new energy begins in 2010 as the world's second largest manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters.  With over 3 GW of inverters in operation worldwide KACO is a trusted and reliable partner for photovoltaic systems across the globe.


Elettronica Santerno SpA designs and markets inverters (for the production of electricity from renewable sources), drives and soft starters for industrial and hybrid applications.Since 2006 it has been part of the Carraro Group, a multinational specialised in power transmission systems, with production premises and engineering centres in more than 16 countries worldwide.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is dedicated to maintaining and improving your system’s productivity and efficiency, and providing you with power, automation and control service solutions. Our customer support services are designed so that you can select the level of expertise and resources you need to keep your processes at peak operational performance, anywhere in the United States, any time you need us.


The Enecsys solar micro inverter is a compact unit that converts the DC power from the solar module to AC power for supply to the electricity grid without the need for a string or central inverter.The AC output from the Enecsys micro inverter is in-phase with the electricity grid and exhibits high power quality including low harmonic distortion and near unity power factor.