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Connecting Hundreds of Solar Professionals With Home & Business Owners Every Day

For over 15 years Clean Energy Authority has been the industry leader in providing qualified referrals to the nations leading solar installation and panel manufacturing companies. We have helped hundred of businesses grow their customer-base using our expertise in online marketing, sales and data analytics. By focusing on quality referrals that we verify in-house we provide the tools that both new and experienced solar companies can use to take their business to the next level. If you are an experienced leader in the residential solar installation space with an advanced level of sales sophistication and infrastructure we can support you to get to the next level.

What sets us apart from almost every other company claiming to supply solar leads is our transparency and dedication to providing a successful outcome for all our clients. Most of the team here at Clean Energy Authority has been here since day 1 and with many with 5 or more years in the business. We aren't overseas or virtual(ly) inaccessible. We invite you to stop by our Colorado offices and meet the team that is working everyday to get our partners more contacts, more apps and more successful installations. 


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