Prism Solar Technologies, Inc

180 South Street
Highland, NY 12528
United States

41.716644, -74.047973

Business Type Solar Equipment Manufacturers
Types of Energy Solar Electric PV
Market Commercial Properties

Prism Solar Technologies designs and manufactures products that improve the efficiency of solar energy collection. Our mission is to develop solar as a real-life replacement of fossil fuels. And in the process, help grow the solar energy industry through partnerships and cooperation.

Prism’s core technology is based on holographic optics, which can use any PV cell technology and spectrally selects the desired portion of sunlight allowing for “cooler” solar cell operation while creating more kilowatt hours of energy per day and per year. Prism PV modules minimize the use of expensive solar cells in our modules but still maintain above average output.

Although Prism Solar makes a simple optical film, it is an optical film with the potential to revolutionize the entire photovoltaics industry. Why? Because in conjunction with today’s proven silicon photovoltaic cells, Prism’s holographic planar concentrator (HPC) film can make solar energy competitive with conventional electricity.

This amazing transformation can be achieved by using the Prism Solar holographic film to guide sunlight to the front and back surface of nearby solar cells. Within what looks like (and is installed like) a traditional flat-plate PV module, strips of Prism film alternate with strips of traditional silicon solar cells. Where light hits the cells, it makes electricity in the normal way. Where light hits the film, it’s channeled through the glass to the surface of the cells and converted to additional electricity. By this means, up to two-thirds of the expensive solar cells can be replaced by inexpensive Prism film without affecting the module efficiency. The HPC elements replace expensive silicon cells of a traditional module and produce 20%-40% more kWh per rated Wp compared to traditional modules and can be used with any PV cell technology.

The result is revolutionary – a module using Prism’s film will have the efficiency of a traditional crystalline silicon module (approaching 20%) but the cost of a thin film module (trending below $1/W). Yet, unlike any other solar cell with optical enhancement, it looks and is installed just like a flat plate module, using both direct and indirect sunlight and having no bulky, costly lenses or trackers to gather light or track the sun.

The use of the term “revolutionary” is frowned on, but it is hard to imagine anything more revolutionary than this in photovoltaics.

We welcome you to explore our technology and contact us on how to become a partner in the transformation of the solar industry. A new industry - with higher margins for module manufacturers and lower costs for end-users. We can show you how!