Renewable Energy Set to Outperform Coal by 2021

Solar overtakes coal

Hydro, solar, and wind energy are now close to toppling the prime position of coal in America’s electric grid system. The speed at which wind and solar power are being generated, it is expected that by 2021 United States would receive more power from renewable energy as compared to coal, as per projections made by the Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis.

Decline attributed to multiple factors


A Primer On Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)

Renewables Portfolio Standards Resources

In the United States many states have introduced special legislation called Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) – which mandates the state to promote the use of renewable sources of energy for generating electricity. Mainly these have been seen as one way to tackle the problem of climate change as well as support local solar and wind energy industries.

Xcel Energy’s $2.5B Plan to Shift From Coal to Renewable Power in Colorado

Fort Collins Colorado Solar Plant

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has cast its vote in favor of Xcel Energy’s ambitious “Colorado Energy Plan” that will cut the company’s CO2 emissions by 60 percent and increase the share of renewable sources in its energy mix to 55 percent by 2026.

In addition to reducing its environmental footprint, the plan will also save Xcel Energy’s customers about $213 million over this period.

PG&E Launches Renewable Energy Self-Generation Incentive Program

Solar Neighborhood

Early in May, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, or PG&E, announced that it would devote $240 million to helping customers buy into renewable energy technologies, renewable energy storage, and peripheral technologies.

The program was developed by the state legislature and the state’s utility watchdog, and will be administered by California’s energy companies – a move that would be similar to setting a fox to watch a henhouse were it not for the watchdog California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Xcel reaches settlement, will increase Colorado solar power

Minnesota-based Xcel Energy, one of Colorado’s largest power providers, announced Tuesday that it has reached a settlement with community solar developers and plans to work with them to add another 60 megawatts of community solar power to the state’s grid.

Solar gardens are a hot topic as Colorado heads into Spring

Solar gardens are a hot topic as Colorado

Solar gardens are an increasingly popular way to allow people to own solar when they otherwise couldn’t for various reasons. However, solar gardens are still nascent, and in many places, like Colorado, the rules and laws behind are still being developed.

Last year, Colorado passed the Community Solar Garden bill (HB 10-1342), which was signed into law by Gov. Bill Ritter (D).