New Mexico Passes Bill For 100% Carbon Free Power by 2045

New Mexico Solar Energy

Environmental enthusiasts are sure to have observed the renewable energy wave that is sweeping across some US states. This May 2019, New Mexico was yet another state to join the bandwagon.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has passed a bill that transforms the renewable energy landscape in the state, slowly but surely leading to a 100% clean energy state in the next couple of decades.

Oregon to Prevent HOA’s From Banning Residential Solar Rooftops

Solar On Townhouse

On May 31, Oregon lawmakers passed HB 2111 by a wide margin: 56 to 3 in the House, and 19 to 9 in the Senate. The bill prevents homeowner’s associations, or HOAs, from banning rooftop solar installations – a battle that has been ongoing since 2013, according to Democratic Chair Senator Mitch Greenlick, the bill’s sponsor.


Nonprofits release 'Low-Income Solar Policy Guide'

Three national nonprofit organizations recently partnered to create an online resource that examines solar industry programs and policies as they relate to low-income American families.

The three nonprofits — the New York-based Center for Social Inclusion, California-based GRID Alternatives and California-based Vote Solar — launched the “Low-Income Solar Policy Guide” on March 14 during an event in Manhattan.

Mass Gov's proposed solar legislation has pluses and minuses

New England Solar Home

While Massachusetts boasts one of the strongest solar industries in the country – thanks in large part to good state policies – looming net metering caps could kill rooftop solar in the state if they’re not raised.

Legislators and Gov. Charlie Baker understand that all too well. The senate passed legislation in July to raise net metering caps. And the governor filed a bill to do the same last week. While solar advocates applaud the efforts, they also criticize the governor’s proposal as short sighted.


Future for solar not so bright in the Sunshine State

Future for solar not so bright in the Sunshine State

If you ask people who don’t follow the politics or news about the solar industry which US states they think have the most solar panels, they probably wouldn’t guess Massachusetts or New Jersey. Sure, they would probably get California and maybe Arizona. But they’d also probably expect the Sunshine State to be at the top of the list.