The Future Of Solar Energy In The US - What To Expect?

Solar Panel

Solar power is a trend, no doubt about that. But how fast will it really spread? We all know the importance of sustainable power sources, but is it reasonable to expect that the switch to green energy will be painless? In this article, I'll try to answer the question "What we can expect to happen in the US related to solar energy in the near (and not so near) future?".

Where are we now?

MIT study favors utility-scale solar over rooftop solar

Utility-scale solar power

While MIT’s recent 332-page report on The Future of Solar is making headlines for its bullish outlook on solar energy’s ability to change our nation’s energy future, its position on residential rooftop solar isn’t so sunny.

The report could cause some issues for distributed solar generation. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is prestigious and reputable.

When the report’s authors approach lawmakers in Washington and at the state level, they’re likely to get a little more attention than many report authors who have come before them.