Floridians Can Now Lease Their Solar Panels

Florida Solar Panels

Sunnova Energy Corporation is including solar leases as part of its solar offerings in Florida as a way to address the growing energy needs of homeowners.

This was announced last week by Sunnova, a leading US residential solar and energy storage service provider. The company entered the Florida market a few weeks ago with a solar finance agreement offering.

If You Build It…

Babcock Solar Town

They will come, suggests the 1989 baseball-oriented movie, “Field of Dreams”, starring Kevin Costner.

That’s certainly what real estate firm Kitson & Partners must have thought when they first purchased 18,000 acres of Florida Gulf shore properties, later named Babcock Ranch, and then started to build an ecofriendly, net zero energy, solar-powered town.

Ballot initiative could help Sunshine State live up to its name

Florida ballot issu could make the Sunshine State live up to its name

The boldest rooftop solar ballot measure in the country was just green-lighted in one of the most unlikely states in the nation.

The sunshine state has hardly lived up to its name as the rooftop solar industry has blossomed and boomed all over the country, leaving Florida and its conservative southern neighbors in the dusky shadows.

Future for solar not so bright in the Sunshine State

Future for solar not so bright in the Sunshine State

If you ask people who don’t follow the politics or news about the solar industry which US states they think have the most solar panels, they probably wouldn’t guess Massachusetts or New Jersey. Sure, they would probably get California and maybe Arizona. But they’d also probably expect the Sunshine State to be at the top of the list.