Community Solar

How Does Community Solar Work?

Community solar project

Community Solar is shattering the way people think about accessing renewable energy. Since community solar legislation first passed in the United States, 43 different states have deployed at least one community solar facility. As its popularity expands and more homes and businesses become eligible to leverage renewable energy to save money, education an ever-important part of the community engagement process.

Solar Savings Model For Low-Income Residents in Colorado Could be Replicated Nationally

Community Solar Project in Colorado

Colorado’s low-income households are being encouraged by their local energy assistance agencies to consider installing solar panels. Using solar power solves two problems at once: a) it reduces GHG emissions which is good for everyone; and b) it brings down the electricity bills of low-income families.

New York's new community net metering makes solar accessible

New York Solarize

New York’s new community net metering rules mean solar energy, along with the savings and environmental advantages that come with it, just became more accessible too low-income and all residents in the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week that the state’s Public Service Commission approved new rules allowing for community net metering. The commission is calling the package of policies its Shared Renewable Program. Both the program name and the term community net metering are fairly descriptive of how the program will work.

Obama initiative encourages solar in poor neighborhoods

Solar energy is the perfect solution to providing low-cost power to the poorest people and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If only we could find a way to encourage solar adoption where it would make the most difference...

The Obama administration is announcing a new initiative today that will encourage solar energy development in the poorest communities.

Solar gardens are a hot topic as Colorado heads into Spring

Solar gardens are a hot topic as Colorado

Solar gardens are an increasingly popular way to allow people to own solar when they otherwise couldn’t for various reasons. However, solar gardens are still nascent, and in many places, like Colorado, the rules and laws behind are still being developed.

Last year, Colorado passed the Community Solar Garden bill (HB 10-1342), which was signed into law by Gov. Bill Ritter (D).