Renewable Energy Set to Outperform Coal by 2021

Solar overtakes coal

Hydro, solar, and wind energy are now close to toppling the prime position of coal in America’s electric grid system. The speed at which wind and solar power are being generated, it is expected that by 2021 United States would receive more power from renewable energy as compared to coal, as per projections made by the Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis.

Decline attributed to multiple factors


New Mexico Passes Bill For 100% Carbon Free Power by 2045

New Mexico Solar Energy

Environmental enthusiasts are sure to have observed the renewable energy wave that is sweeping across some US states. This May 2019, New Mexico was yet another state to join the bandwagon.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has passed a bill that transforms the renewable energy landscape in the state, slowly but surely leading to a 100% clean energy state in the next couple of decades.

Xcel Energy’s $2.5B Plan to Shift From Coal to Renewable Power in Colorado

Fort Collins Colorado Solar Plant

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has cast its vote in favor of Xcel Energy’s ambitious “Colorado Energy Plan” that will cut the company’s CO2 emissions by 60 percent and increase the share of renewable sources in its energy mix to 55 percent by 2026.

In addition to reducing its environmental footprint, the plan will also save Xcel Energy’s customers about $213 million over this period.