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Solar Oregon
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Business Type Solar Training and Schools
Types of Energy Solar Electric PV
Market Residential Properties

What type of career do I want?

There are many careers within the solar industry. These can range from accountants to installers and many related industries such as energy efficiency and building sciences could be a great home for someone with solar knowledge and skills. Before you decided on what path you are going down be sure to evaluate the skills and education you have as well as how much you are willing to invest in both time and money to learn new skills.

Next, take the time to get out from behind your computer and talk to those already in the industry. Ask about their experiences both on the job and in their education. What do they like? What might have they done differently? You can save yourself time and money by doing a little research. Good opportunities to meet industry professionals include trade shows, public workshops and volunteering for organizations like Solar Oregon.

Where should I go for training?

Where you attend training depends on several factors; your currents skill level, the career you want when you're done and the requirements in the community where you will be working. A good list of careers within the solar industry and general information on training and duties can be found on pages 8-14 of Eastern Oregon Renewable Energies Nonprofit: Opportunities in Renewable Energy report

If you are already working in an electrical trade and want to include PV or Solar Thermal into your business then you would need a hands on training program with certification.
North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners (NABCEP)