Home Performance with Energy Star (Existing Residential)

Program Home Performance with Energy Star (Existing Residential)
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector State
Last Update
State Vermont
Administrator Efficiency Vermont
Website https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/For-My-Home/ways-to-save-and-rebates/audits-i…
Sectors Residential

Efficiency Vermont works with homeowners on comprehensive energy efficiency projects and offers several incentives. Single-family homes, as well as multifamily properties with up to four units are eligible. The first step for individual homeowners is to contact Efficiency Vermont or select a certified Home Performance with Energy Star contractor. A list of certified contractors is available on the Efficiency Vermont website. The contractor will conduct and review the energy audit.

There are several levels of incentives. If the efficiency upgrades meet the minimum requirement, a $500 rebate is available. The minimum requirements include at least a 10% air leakage reduction (as verified by a blower-door test) and installation of all health and safety upgrades recommended in the energy audit. Additional incentives, up to the maximum of $2,000, are available for additional air sealing improvements, insulation, heat distribution and system improvements, and comprehensive retrofits. An additional $500 incentive is also available for replacing heating systems with certain Energy Star certified systems. Once the improvements are complete, the contractor will provide the homeowner with rebate application materials.

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