Program Ameren Illinois (Electric & Gas) - Multi-Family Properties Energy Efficiency Incentives
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Illinois
Sectors Residential

The direct install segment is linked to participation in either the common area or major measures segments of the program. Building owners or operators are offered low cost lighting materials (LEDs), water conservation measures (high performance showerheads and aerators) and programmable thermostats. The program oversees the distribution and installation of materials upon the receipt of a signed agreement with the project site. Program field staff will be scheduled to perform the installation of product at the complexes.

The shell measure segment offers incentives for air sealing the shell of multifamily buildings. Incentives will be paid based on the total CFM reduction. Insulation incentives will be based on square footage of attic space. Program field staff will be scheduled to deliver In Unit and Common Area materials and perform the installation of In Unit measures at complexes. 

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