Holy Cross Energy - Renewable Energy Rebate Program

Program Holy Cross Energy - Renewable Energy Rebate Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Colorado
Administrator Holy Cross Energy
Website https://www.holycross.com/renewable-energy-incentives/
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics
Sectors Residential

Holy Cross Energy's WE CARE (With Efficiency, Conservation And Renewable Energy) Program offers an incentive for customers who install renewable energy generation for net metering at their premises. Eligible renewable energy technologies include wind, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, biomass, and geothermal sources.


The incentive offered varies by the size of the renewable energy system as follows:

  • $750 per kW for the first 6 kW of a system,
  • $500 per kW for the next 6 kW of a system, and
  • $200 per kW for the next 13 kW of a system.

For example, a 15 kW system is eligible for a $8,100 (= ($750 * 6 kW) + ($500 * 6 kW) + ($200 * 3 kW)) incentive.
For non-taxable entities, Holy Cross will provide an incentive equal to 40% of the installed cost of a system (on a $ per KW basis) up to $1,500 per kW for the first 25 kW installed at a site.
A customer must submit a Generator Interconnection Application to Holy Cross Energy prior to installation. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Generation must be sized to supply no more than 120% of their previous 12 months electrical consumption.  For new construction, Holy Cross will estimate on-site electrical consumption and specify a maximum allowable system size.
No member may receive more than $50,000 in a 12 month period. No incentive payment may exceed 40% of the installed cost of any project.
A consumer’s generation facilities must be connected to Holy Cross’s electric distribution system to qualify for incentives. Visit the program website or contact a Holy Cross Energy WE CARE program representative to learn more about the rebate program.
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