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Peak Solar, LLC
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Business Type Solar Product Retailers
Types of Energy Solar Electric PV, Solar Hot Water Thermal, solar pool heating
Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties
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Peak Solar, LLC is a leading supplier of photovoltaic components and solar kits. We provide turnkey PV systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Typical kits include all high quality components, including solar panels, inverters, cables, all essential hardware and electrical components. Our knowledgeable management and contract engineering team have the experience to design, procure, install and maintain large scale PV projects as well.

While our society may still be light years away from implementing particle beam accelerators, cold fusion and teleportation, we do possess the ability to produce clean, reliable and nearly free electricity with solar energy photovoltaic technology. Solar electric systems can be installed in virtually any home or business. The return on investment may be realized in as little as five years.

Benefits of Solar Energy Photovoltaics:

  • Free, or nearly free, electricity
  • Your home, business or farm can function independent of the power grid
  • You can generate enough electricity to sell the excess to utility companies
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe and reliable
  • Affordable and practical to install
  • Instant gratification- as soon as your solar electric system is online, you can immediately begin enjoying the real benefits of solar energy.

Is Solar Energy Photovoltaic Technology Really Attainable for Everyone? Yes! The industry has come a long way since Albert Einstein first won a Nobel Prize for his work on the photoelectric effects in 1921. Today, we see the realization of this technology at work producing electricity, powering space satellites and as key operating components in ordinary items such as watches and calculators.

In 2008, the United States became the world leader of solar energy development. Major utility companies, such as in North Carolina, are working to partially convert to this technology in the next 10 years. The trend is catching on at a global scale. Germany derives approximately 50 percent of it's electricity from photovoltaic technology, and expects to be fully converted to solar energy by the year 2050.

Not only are solar electric systems attainable for everyone, but they are more reliable and affordable than you ever dreamed possible. Peak Solar is committed to offering a wide array of flexible services that will take you where you want to go. From solar panel efficiency to money saving rebates and incentives, we can answer all of your questions and help you design a solar electric system that will meet your goal and stay within budget.

Peak Solar specializes in the design and strategic implementation of any size project. From commercial large scale development to DIY solar kits for residential applications, we make the future a reality. Our services include:

On Grid applications allow you to remain tied to the local power grid while still receiving many of the benefits of a solar electric system.

Off Grid applications allow you function independent of any other power source

Net Metering allows you to sell your excess electricity back to the grid and make money from your photovoltaic system.

Solar Water Heaters can reliably eliminate the cost of producing hot water.

Solar Pool Heaters allow you to avoid costly and high maintenance requirements of other heating systems.