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Free Hot Water
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San Jose, CA 95131
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Business Type Solar Equipment Manufacturers
Types of Energy Solar Hot Water Thermal, solar pool heating
Affiliations california solar energy industries association, midwest renewable energy association, northern california solar energy association, seia, solar electric power association
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Market Commercial Properties, Utility Scale Projects

Free Hot Water Specializes in Commercial Solar Engineering and Procurement

We work with property owners, developers, builders and contractors in the design and retrofit stage of the project and procure the appropriate products for each specific application; solar water heating, electric, lighting, and heat recovery systems for industrial applications, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, laundry facilities, car washes, municipal and government applications. We pride ourselves on assessing the project, and designing a system that will optimize production while dramatically reducing energy bills.  We offer complete design services, including material selection, engineering analysis, thermal consideration and blueprints. At Free Hot Water we use state of the art engineering software along with internally developed tools that allow us to electronically “build” the product to its final design, allowing our customer to review project details before actual construction takes place.

More and more people want to reduce their environmental impact, while reducing their utility bills. Solar hot water is an easy and economical way to do both.  As the shift towards a low-carbon energy sector steadily gathers momentum, a transformation of the entire market is occurring, more businesses, industries and government institutions are turning to solar energy. Growing concerns over energy supplies, fossil fuel price volatility and climate change are accelerating this transformation. And, despite years of neglecting the solar thermal sector, policy makers are finally realizing that solar thermal energy can have an enormous impact in all of these areas.

Solar water heating is a clean, environmentally friendly and affordable source of energy. It is renewable, and there are no toxic emissions!



Free Hot Water was one of three Intersolar North America 2013 Award Winners out of 3,000 entries