The future of yachting goes solar

Seafaring environmentalist millionaires rejoice! Sauter Carbon Offset Design has released your nautical wet dream in the form of the “the world’s first carbon neutral megayacht.” The Super Nova 60 is a beast of a yacht, drawing together several sustainable sources of energy like photovoltaic (PV) cells to achieve its green seaward dream.

The Super Nova 60 features a plug-in solar hybrid design that allows the behemoth to feed up to 400 megawatts of electricity back into the grid.

When cruising at 18 knots, the Super Nova 60 boasts a 75 to 100 percent reduction in green house gas emissions, which is achieved by employing multiple BlueTec diesel electric drives supported by fully rotational wingsails, wave motion regeneration and power sailing, a 650 square-meter solar cell array and an uninterruptable power supply backup.

All of these sustainable technologies feed into a lithium ion storage system with a power supply rated at 1,000 kilowatts. With all the renewable energies charging the ion battery the yacht can reach a zero carbon cruising range at 8 knots.

Measuring at 197ft long the Super Nova 60 can accommodate 14 lucky guests and a crew of 16 to sail up to Alaska to protest oil drilling while sipping Bellini’s in its five star accommodations.

It doesn’t get the moniker “super” just for its green credentials though. The yacht can reach a max speed of 22 knots thanks to its wave piercing hull and aerodynamic PV deck spoilers.

Priced at $1 million the Super Nova 60 is definitely after a niche crowd. It presents itself as the Tesla of yachts, the ultimate green status symbol of the high seas. The Super Nova 60 represents the cutting edge of yachting as Richard Sauter, the head of design at Sauter Carbon Offset Design, points out, "Super Nova's state of the art Green Technology demonstrates that Carbon Neutral Superyachts are not just a futuristic dream, but a present day fact of life destined to become a ubiquitous reality."