Solar Powered Electric Vehicles

Charging Your Electric Car With A Solar Panel Rooftop

Do you have any plans to buy a zero-emission vehicle in the near future? Have you considered the idea of utilizing solar energy for recharging your electric car on the go? Being able to charge your EV with a solar panel roof while you are driving is no longer a fancy dream.

In fact numerous startups and major automobile companies around the world are increasingly focusing on solar developments in this area. There are various automakers that are planning to come up with solar-powered vehicles and related innovations.

Solar EV Roof Developments in the Automobile Industry

Now more than ever, the world is looking forward to a clean mobility future. Dutch company Lightyear is all set to launch its solar powered electric car that boasts of a remarkable 450-mile range.

Lightyear has partnered with a research-driven company Royal DSM with an aim to boost the adoption of electric vehicles that come equipped with integrated solar rooftops. Hyundai Motor Company is another innovator in the field that released its first solar-powered EV last year to stay relevant in the sustainable green mobility race.

In July 2019, the leading Japanese automaker Toyota also joined hands with NEDO and Sharp Corporation to conduct road trials of solar-powered EVs to test their efficiency. Most notably, CEO Elon Musk has given confirmation that Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck will soon have a solar rooftop that will be capable of generating enough power to drive around 15 miles on a daily basis per a single charge.

Getting Ready for the Green EV Revolution

With the growing need for a cleaner environment, the demand for solar-powered electric vehicles is rapidly increasing in various countries. It is quite clear from the initial response that solar roof technology will be in high demand as the electric vehicle revolution continues to transform the automotive industry.

If you are looking forward to owning an electric car, the idea of charging your vehicle on the go through roof solar panels is bound to excite you. However, until this technology actually becomes available in the market and is able to generate sufficient amounts of power quickly, you will have to plug your car into an EV charging station that derives clean electricity straight from the sun. When a car can charge up in 20 minutes or less – that will be game changer for so many.

As the green EV revolution gathers momentum, solar roofs for electric cars will possible become a regular feature on all makes and models.

The Future of Solar-Equipped Vehicles

Market analysts estimate that the electric vehicle market will continue to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of more than 21 percent until 2026 though 2020 will be skewed because of the Wuhan virus. The market will be huge in 2021 if America decides to go the pro growth route and not the big government route. The economy was surging from 2017 to 2019 and this industry will thrive again in 2021 with low taxes and less regulations. Clearly and moreover, electric cars are going to be the vehicle of the future.

Chances are bright that these vehicles are going to be solar-equipped. As more people come forward to purchase these eco-friendly automobiles, the cost per unit of features such as solar panel car roofs is going to subside. The future belongs to electric vehicles – certainly in states that are doing well such as in Florida and Texas, and more so with the addition of innovative solar and other renewable energy technologies.