Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative

Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. is a member system owned wholesale electric supply cooperative providing electric energy and related services to 8 electric distribution cooperatives.  Central Montana operates as a not-for-profit business governed by a 8 member Board of Trustees with one representative from each of the member rural electric cooperative systems. 

In the spirit of cooperation, the members of Central Montana came together to collectively secure affordable wholesale electric energy and related services to meet the needs of the member/owners they serve. Central Montana is truly a success story of courageous people who concluded that their need for affordable wholesale electric energy would best be served if they were to aggregate their requirements and strengthen their purchasing power and market presence. 

The distribution cooperative member systems of Central Montana provide approximately 70,000 Montanans with affordable electric energy and related services at competitive, locally regulated rates. The member systems of Central Montana have extensive transmission and distribution facilities that range from Shelby to Livingston to Billings to Opheim. This cooperative network delivers cost based electric energy and related services to approximately 25% of the geographic area of Montana. 

Central Montana, headquartered in Great Falls, has electric supply and transmission capacity/services contracts with Western Area Power Administration and Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Transmission services for some of the deliveries are contracted with NorthWestern Energy. The combined average system peak of the member systems is approximately 155 megawatts with average annual energy sales in excess of 860 million kilowatt hours. 

The cooperative principles, under which Central Montana was formed in 1960, remain Central’s foundation. 

Central Montana is dedicated to the fundamental principle of cost based electric energy and related services. Affordable electric energy is essential to the economic viability of our member systems in an ever-changing business environment.

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