SolarEdge Technologies Inc.

SolarEdge Technologies Inc.
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SolarEdge Technologies Inc.
900 Golden Gate Terrace, Suite E
Grass Valley, CA 95945
United States

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SolarEdge Technologies
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SolarEdge provides groundbreaking distributed DC systems that maximize power generation of residential and large-scale PV sites, for faster return on investment. Module manufacturers, integrators and installers benefit from constraint-free site design, full site space utilization, reduced installation time and maintenance cost, module-level monitoring, improved safety, theft prevention, and more.

The company was founded in 2006. Since then we have built partnership agreements with module manufacturers and integrators in Europe, USA and Japan, which provide SolarEdge technology alongside their current services.

SolarEdge is bringing about a revolution in PV electronics – a groundbreaking model that will transform the solar energy landscape dramatically, but without disturbing it. This new paradigm can evolve organically: it’s smart made simple; innovation made painless.

SolarEdge technology marries traditional photovoltaic workflows with a groundbreaking holistic system approach. It is a quiet revolution that is at once disruptive because of its profound benefits in changing the manner in which energy is harvested, deployed, managed, delivered and complementary because it fits into the current photovoltaic workflow.
At SolarEdge we believe the PV delivery chain is ultimately only as strong as its weakest link. By adopting a “system first” philosophy that identifies and eliminates the Achilles heel in each step in the process, we enable a constraint-free delivery of sun harvested energy.

Our values: bold vision & fresh thinking, innovation & imagination, passion & commitment, professional & ethical conduct, humility & hard work, individual achievement & collaborative partnership.

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