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Stion shines some sun on the Super Bowl

A Stion installationStion, the thin-film photovoltaic manufacturer, which has rushed out of startup operations and into the big leagues over the past few months is upping its visibility at the Super Bowl this weekend with Solar Alternatives. The two companies have built a solar canopy at the Kingswood Playground in New Orleans as part of the Big Easy’s Super Bowl preparations. The canopy is part of an effort to renew the park and more of New Orleans as it gets ready to host the big game.

It only makes sense. After all, Stion’s manufacturing facility is only across the border in Hattiesburg, MS., and Solar Alternatives is a New Orleans based solar designer and installer. The two have installed the PV canopy, which uses Stion’s PV modules at the park.

“We are excited to showcase Stion’s unique technology to the millions who will be watching worldwide,” said Jeffrey Cantin, president of Solar Alternatives.

“It’s part of our partnership with Northsea and the NFL,” said Richard Pavlick of the Young Leadership Council. Pavlick said it’s part of the effort to make sure kids have a safer, brighter place to play, during an interview with WWL TV. Other enhancements will include new light and renewed green space. It’s part of the New Orleans Super Saturday of Service.

The Super Bowl Host Committee’s community initiative, Super Saturday of Service is working with Habitat for Humanity, the Young Leadership Council and other local organizations to help renew New Orleans. It will result in $2 million of renovation and beautification across the city.

“There is no event more American than the Super Bowl, so we are proud to take part in this project as we help lead the resurgence of US solar manufacturing,” said Frank Yang, VP of Business Development for Stion Corporation and Stion Solar Mississippi LLC. “This is a great opportunity to highlight our emphasis on community involvement.”

Stion’s PV canopy has an octagonal design to showcase Solar Alternatives’ design expertise and Stion’s all-black modules. The 11-kilowatt array will reduce CO2 emissions in the area by more than 500,000 pounds over the next 25 years. Since the company uses thin-film CIGS materials as their semiconductors, the modules don’t need the same electrode contacts that many silicon photovoltaics have.

In all the installation, which will power the park’s lighting and other services, will make the playground Louisiana’s first net-zero public facility, according to Stion. According to Stion, the modules are the only solar products manufactured locally in the Gulf Coast region. 

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