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Colorado solar advocates speak up for net metering

Written by: Amanda H. Miller Created: Thu. Apr 10, 2014
Colorado net metering battle just one among many

Rooftop solar advocates raised their voices in Colorado this week.

The Alliance for Solar Choice, a solar industry group focused on public policy, coordinated several events aimed at raising awareness and support for solar among Colorado lawmakers and regulators.


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Do you need to wash your rooftop solar panels?

Written by: Amanda H. Miller Created: Thu. Sep 26, 2013
Do you need to clean your solar panels?

Do you need to wash your solar panels?

It’s a good question and one with a lot of different answers. Companies specializing in cleaning solar panels generally say: Yes – you have to clean your rooftop solar panels and you have to clean them regularly. Some say panels need an annual scrub, others say quarterly. One company selling an automated washing system says panels should be washed every couple weeks.

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