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Unfortunately, as of this writing, Alabama has few incentives for solar installations. There are 21 states in the country with renewable energy portfolio standards, and five states that have renewable energy goals. Alabama is not part of either group.

Alabama does get plenty of sun, and has a small group of dedicated, reliable solar developers and contractors in the state.

And for residents that live within the Tennessee Valley Authority’s network, there is a one-time rebate for installing solar energy at a property.

According to a recent study on the solar industry in America, Alabama ranked 8th for states that would be most helped by increasing solar capacity. So be a part of the benefits. Simply fill out our short solar inquiry form, and get an estimate from one of the many installers in the state or look over some of the companies in our network.

ColoradoAlaska Solar Installers

Alaska is certainly the leader in solar phenomena in the U.S. With winters, almost no sun during the day, to summers, almost constant sun, and the Northern Lights, the state is chalk full of activity.

However, because the state is sparsely populated, the energy infrastructure isn’t what it is in the lower 48. But that doesn’t stop Alaska from providing a few choice solar rebates and incentives, among them are the Alaska Renewable Energy Grant and the Golden Valley Alternative Power program.

And where there are incentives, and sun, there are solar installers a-plenty.  So either fill out our short solar inquiry form for an estimate on a home or business solar energy system or peruse our list of Alaska solar installers below. And stay warm out there.

ArizonaArizona Solar Installers

Arizona, like many states in the Southwest US, has abundant sunshine which makes it a great location to install solar power. Arizona solar installers are among the busiest in the country and is amongst the top states in the country for solar output..

Great incentives and rebates are available to home owners and businesses for Arizona solar installation.  Find out more by talking to one of the many Arizona solar installers in our network today. We have solar installation professionals servicing Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Phoenix and just about everywhere else in Arizona.

If you are like many people who don't have time to do the research or make inquiries yourself, then let us help you. Simply fill out our short solar inquiry form and we'll find you reputable and experienced Arizona solar installers in your local area and put you in touch with company representatives who can evaluate your needs and provide proposals for you to review. It’s free, easy, and there is no obligation.

ArkansasArkansas Solar Installers

For a state without a renewable portfolio standard, Arkansas has some decent solar incentives and rebates. And why not? The home of both HBO’s iconic Bangin’ in Little Rock documentary and, to possibly a bigger extent, our former president, Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, Arkansas gets about five hours of sunlight per square meter. What’s that mean to you? Well, it means you should take advantage of all those potentially money-saving ultra violets and install a solar system.

Home and business owners who do decide to install solar can pick from a host of solar incentives and rebates offered in the state, such as Arkansas’ net metering program, and the state’s solar and wind rebate program.

So where do you start? Look no further. Either fill out our short solar inquiry form for a free estimate on a solar installation or look at the solar installers in our network, listed below.

Solar leases 40 percent of Solar Universe’s new business—shortly after launch

Solar leases 40 percent of Solar Universe’s new business—shortly after launchThe residential solar leasing market is exploding. Perhaps no company knows this more than Solar Universe. In August, the company publicly announced that it began offering its “Brite Lease” solar leases. And now, less than two months later, solar leases comprise 40 percent of the company’s business.

The company foresees that the number will increase.

“We expect the leasing to be the financing choice of the majority of our solar customers,” said Katharine Sawchuk, a spokesperson for Solar Universe. “Cash deals will never go away because there are so many benefits from a savings stand point; however, leasing options will be the way to go in the future.”

Solar Universe has joined a growing number of companies to offer solar leases or lease-type arrangements, under which homeowners can have a photovoltaic array installed on their home with little or no upfront costs, use the power from the array to reduce their electric costs, selling excess power back to the grid, and having their system maintained and serviced by a third-party over the duration of the lease.

Other companies that offer such services include SolarCity, Sungevity, One Block off the Grid, and others.

The company’s business model is somewhat unique to the solar industry, however.

For instance, most solar leases have terms ranging from 20 to 25 years. But Solar Universe’s loans, at this point, are for 15-years, according to Sawchuk. At this point, however, the installer and solar franchise can only offer the solar leases in some of its markets.

“Solar Universe is currently leasing in California and Arizona. California is our own leasing product, and Arizona is through a third-party leasing program,” Sawchuk said.

Solar Universe, like other companies in the game, is working with financial institutions interested in developing tax equity funds.

“Each fund will be a certain size, and our plan is to release new funds as we approach the end of the previous fund,” Sawchuk said.

The company already is working on closing its next fund and plans to close it in October.

“Upon closing of that fund, we will issue a press release with details of the size of this tax equity fund and the banks that are sponsoring the new fund,” Sawchuk said. “The plan is to roll the lease out to other states across our network within the next year.”

The company has franchises in Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania, some of which would be ideal candidates for solar lease options. And it’s looking for entrepreneurs to establish franchises in other states like Colorado, Oregon and Texas.

Image courtesy of Solar Universe.


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