Energy Storage

SoftBank-backed Energy Vault Offers a Unique Power Storage Solution

Energy Vault

Energy Vault, an innovative company based in Switzerland, attracted global attention when it received $110 million in funding from the Japanese investing firm SoftBank.

Energy Vault has adopted a unique approach to storing renewable energy through stacked concrete blocks. With the financial backing of SoftBank, the company will now construct its two full-fledged models in India and Italy.

How Much Can Solar Save?

Piggy bank

It’s common  knowledge that solar energy is good for the environment. But is it possible to maximize solar usage not just for the earth, but also for your wallet? As solar energy becomes increasingly affordable, the financial incentives that come along with installing solar panels are just as persuasive as the green incentives.

Rooftop solar industry booming

Rooftop Solar

Residential rooftop solar is making more and more financial sense to homeowners across the country, which is driving record industry growth.

There were 76 percent more residential solar installations in the first quarter of 2015 than in the first quarter of 2014, according to the US Solar Market Insight report from Greentech Media released this week.