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Arizona Solar Panels

Although Arizona may have a reputation for a sunny state filled with deserts, pools, and that year-round weather, it is lagging behind in areas of solar legislation. While other solar states (like California, Hawaii, and New York) are sprinting ahead to embrace solar energy, Arizona seems to be stuck in quicksand. Like any well-meaning homeowner, it is necessary to conduct research on the various challenges you face when installing your solar power systems.


Solar v Utility battle resumes in Arizona

After a year’s hiatus, the fight between Arizona’s biggest utility company and the state’s solar industry is in full swing again.

The Arizona Corporation Commission voted 3 to 2 this week to set a hearing on proposed rate hikes for solar customers of Arizona Public Service, the state’s biggest publicly-traded utility company.

States with the best solar policies also have healthy job growth

States with the best solar policies also have healthy job growth

It’s not exactly Earth-shattering news that states with more progressive solar policies have more solar energy capacity than states that don’t. But there are a few correlations between solar policy and economic health that might be worth noting.

Environment America released a report on solar policy and solar capacity this week titled Lighting the Way: The top 10 states that helped drive America’s solar energy boom in 2013.