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 Infinite Solar provides the knowledge, skills and experience for you to succeed in a 21st century workforce. Start your green career today!

Infinite Solar is an innovative provider of solar energy training in the United States and Canada. Infinite Solar’s renewable energy training programs and certifications provide professionals such as general contractors, electricians and plumbers with specific skills necessary to jumpstart their green career and succeed in the solar energy market.

 Infinite Solar began with the goal of bringing renewable, non-polluting power to homes and businesses around Philadelphia area. Over the years our vision and scope have steadily expanded, along with the technological advances and rapid growth of the renewable energy industry itself.

Infinite Solar now provides a comprehensive education in the design, installation, upgrading and maintenance of renewable energy power systems. We teach our students to design and install solar panels and solar thermal systems for residential, commercial, industrial, mobile and specialty applications.

We take pride in guiding our students through the ever-changing maze of renewable energy technologies and regulations, and teaching our students how to design and install systems using cutting-edge solar technologies. From our expert instructors to our elite solar facility our goal is to keep our clients satisfied by helping them keep their customers satisfied.

Since our founding in 2008, we have instructed hundreds of people from around United States and Canada. We are excited about our future, and we look forward to serving more students, like you, for many decades to come with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication that we have had since day one.

Find out more about our solar energy training courses and how we compare to other solar training schools.

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