Crestone Solar School


Crestone Solar School
P.O.Box 73
Crestone, CO 81131
United States

37.8631052, -105.7116464

Business Type Solar Training and Schools
Types of Energy Solar Electric PV
Market Residential Properties

Crestone Solar School offers solar workshops in active and passive solar heating design, alternative natural building, photovoltaics (solar electric) basics and renewable energy applications. Both hands-on and theoretical study are combined in residential 4-day programs.

Learn a wide variety of Natural Building Techniques and Solar Heating Options for Sustainable Home Design. Your Solar Education with the Crestone Solar School can prepare you for designing and building your own solar home, a professional career in the fast-growing field of renewable energy and general preparation for sustainable living.

Curriculum: Crestone Solar School workshops are presented in two parts, balanced between essential design knowledge and learning-by-doing. These are enhanced by visual aids and tours. Workshop fee includes course materials including a textbook with blank pages for your notes. The workshops go in-depth as much as four days time allows.

Enrollment & Cancellation Policy: Workshops are open to all on a first-come basis. Class size is limited and early registration is encouraged to reserve your place. The full workshop fee is due one month in advance. If you cancel up to 30 days prior to the workshop 50% of your tuition is non-refundable. If you cancel within 30 days of the workshop your full tuition is non-refundable. See Registration Form for details.

Advanced Preparation Suggestions:
1. Please review your high school math about fractions, and become familiar with how they operate. We will work a lot with the principle of fractions as we learn and practice the units of energy. Using these basic building blocks is where some participants have gotten slowed down a bit in previous workshops.
Be prepared!

2. It will be helpful if you read through all or at least some of Paul's articles about solar applications on the CRESTONE SOLAR SCHOOL website, you will find them under Solar Energy Articles