Program Dominion Energy Virginia - EV Charger Rewards
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Virginia
Sectors Residential

EV Charger Rewards Program - Rebate Instructions

Steps for participation:

1) Purchase a new, qualifying smart level 2 ChargePoint or JuiceBox charger from the Dominion Energy Marketplace, or any other retailer.

2) Install the charger and register it with the manufacturer. Register for EV Charger Rewards on the manufacturer website.

3) Apply for the $125 enrollment rebate. The rebate is contingent on acceptance into the EV Charging Rewards program. Participants enrolled in the Charging Rewards program will receive a $40 rebate after one year of participation, and an additional $40 every year thereafter on their anniversary date.

See here for Eligible Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV Charger Rewards Program - Description

This program is open to current Dominion Energy Virginia customers, not billed on a time-of-use rate, with qualified, wi-fi capable level 2 EV chargers connected to the internet. The Customer will allow Dominion to control their EV charging during peak hours.

Load control events under this program have a maximum of 4 hours in duration, up to 15 times per month, and a total of up to 45 occurrences per year.

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