Program Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE) Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Non-Profit
Last Update
State South Carolina
Administrator South Carolina Energy Office
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics
Sectors Residential

PaCE funding comes from the customers of participating utilities who voluntarily choose to support the program through an additional charge on their monthly utility bills. Of the $4, $3.50 goes to the generators and 50 cents goes to PaCE for marketing the program. The utilities collect these customer contributions and remit the funds to PaCE, a non-profit corporation, to administer the program.

All PaCE approvals of renewable generator applications, and premium payments, are subject to sufficient funding. This program is modeled on a similar program -- NC GreenPower -- in neighboring North Carolina.

* Contact the South Carolina Energy Office or a participating utility to determine the current types of generators supported by this program. Payments provided through power purchase agreements to renewable generators depend on the time of day and season; in general, they are highest at peak hours during the summer months. These rate payments vary by utility, as do the associated administrative fees and/or other charges imposed.

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