West Oregon Electric Cooperative - Equal Pay (Net Metering)

Program West Oregon Electric Cooperative - Equal Pay (Net Metering)
Category Technical Resource
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Oregon
Administrator West Oregon Electric Cooperative
Website https://www.westoregon.org/members/equalpay/
Sectors Residential
Net metering is a policy that allows people and their facilities that generate their own electricity from solar power to get credit for the energy they provide to their communities. Solar energy is pretty powerful and solar systems tend to produce more electricity than any one customer can consume each day. The extra electricity made by the solar system then goes onto the electric grid and is used by the customer’s neighbors. As a result, when one customer in a neighborhood goes solar, the entire neighborhood ends up using solar electricity as well. Net Metering will give you credit for the electricity your solar system created above and beyond what you could use.
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