Solar Electric Incentive Program

Program Solar Electric Incentive Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector State
Last Update
State Oregon
Administrator Energy Trust of Oregon
Budget Total funding available for 2016 allocations: $4.5 million for projects in Pacific Power's service territory; $5.4 million for projects in PGE's service territory
Start Date
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics
Sectors Residential

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Solar Electric Incentive Program, launched in May 2003, is available to customers of Pacific Power and PGE who install new photovoltaic (PV) systems on new or existing homes, commercial and community buildings, farms, and municipal facilities. Energy Trust allocates solar incentives into steps, such that when funding in a given allocation is fully subscribed, the incentive amount steps down. A status report with current funding allocations and availability is available on Energy Trust's website. Current incentive amounts are as follows:


  • Residential PGE: $0.45/watt DC, up to $3,600 per home
  • Residential Pacific Power: $0.45/watt DC, up to $3,600 per home

Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Non-Profit, Government
  • PGE:  $0.55/watt - $0.30/watt up to $45,000 
  • Pacific Power: $0.45/watt - $0.25/watt up to $25,000 (100 kW max.)

Commercial incentive rates do not decrease linearly. Refer to the Energy Trust of Oregon Commercial Estimator for detailed information. 

Energy Trust will provide referrals to contractors from their Trade Ally Network (self-installed systems will not qualify). The solar contractor selected advises the customer on installation options and best siting designs to obtain the maximum performance and satisfaction from the solar electric system. The contractor will provide a system quote that estimates the PV system annual performance, installation date, and the cost after Energy Trust incentive deductions. After Energy Trust approves the customer's PV system, the buy-down incentive will be paid to the solar contractor and deducted from the final cost.

In addition, Energy Trust may offer solicitations for larger scale solar projects. The most recent solicitation for large solar projects located in or delivering power to Pacific Power's solar territory closed May 15, 2015.

Other available incentives include a residential tax credit through the Oregon Department of Energy of 30% of the system costs, up to $6,000 maximum (up to $1,500 per year). Projects receiving funding through Pacific Power's Blue Sky grant or a PGE Clean Wind grant are not eligible to receive solar incentives through the Energy Trust. 

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