Program Butler Rural Electric Cooperative - Residential Rebate Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Ohio
Administrator Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Sectors Residential

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative provides rebates for geothermal heat pumps, electric heat pumps, smart thermostats, and water heaters. A $1,200 rebate is available to residential members that install a new geothermal heat pump in eligible homes, or $600 for members that replace a geothermal heat pump. A $600 rebate is available for members that install a new dual fuel heating system, or $300 for a replacement dual fuel or air source heat pump. Additional rebates for both heat pumps include a $0.02/kWh reduced rate on customers' electric bill. Smart thermostat rebates are offered at a maximum of $150 per unit, not to exceed 50% of product costs. Water heater rebates are offered ranging from $350 - $650, depepndent on capacity and grid-enabling.

Members must use an approved HVAC dealer (listed on the Cooperative's web site) to qualify for the rebates. See program website for further details.
*Dual Fuel Heating Systems consists of an electric heat pump and a gas or oil furnace, which will automatically switch to increase efficiency depending on the outside temperature.

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