Program Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program - Competitive Solar Incentive
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector State
Last Update
State New Jersey
Administrator Board of Public Utilities
Start Date
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics

By Board Order 12-7-22-8C on December 7, 2022, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities established the Competitive Solar Incentive (CSI) Program as part of the Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program. The SuSI Program was established to replace the SREC Registration Program in July 2021.

The SuSI program consists of two sub-programs:

Administratively Determined Incentive Program

The ADI Program provides fixed incentives for residential and non-residential net metered projects up to 5 MW. See the Administratively Determined Incentive Program DSIRE entry for more information on that program.

Competitive Solar Incentive Program

The CSI Program Provides incentives for grid supply and non-residential net metered solar projects with nameplate capacity greater than 5 MW.

The CSI Program will take applications beginning April 15, 2023.

CSI Capacity Targets

The Program targets 300 MW of total procurement annually, separated into Tranches. Grid Supply projects must exceed 5 MW-DC capacity.

Tranche 1 (140 MW) is Basic Grid Supply with no limitations on project locations.

Tranche 2 (80 MW) is reserved for Grid Supply on existing buildings.

Tranche 3 (40 MW) is reserved for Grid Supply projects on contaminated sites or landfills.

Tranche 4 (40 MW) is reserved for non-residential net metered projects with capacity exceeding 5 MW.

Tranche 5 (160 MW) is a storage target representing 4-hour duration energy storage co-located with 40 MW of solar from the Tranches above. 

CSI Incentive Determination

The CSI Program uses a pay-as-bid valuation mechanism for the SREC-IIs issued by the program. Projects will include a bid for the SREC-IIs awarded to their project and will be paid that fixed amount per SREC-II. 

A SREC-II Adder is available for projects which include energy storage. The SREC-II Adder is calculated as follows:

Normalized Storage Bid * [ Storage Discharge Capacity / (Facility Capacity * 4 hours) ]

SREC-IIs will be provided for 15 years of project operations.

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