Coast Electric Power Association - Comfort Advantage Home Program


Program Coast Electric Power Association - Comfort Advantage Home Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Mississippi
Administrator Coast Electric Power Association
Budget -
Start Date
Sectors Residential

Coast Electric Power Association (CEPA) provides rebates on heat pumps for new homes which meet certain weatherization standards. To qualify for this rebate the home must have:

  • Attic insulation of at least R-38 or encapsulated foam attic insulation of R-20 or greater
  • Wall insulation of R-13 or higher
  • Floor insulation of R-19 or greater
  • Dual-pane windows
  • Glass area less than 20% of total floor area
  • An electric water heater
  • Effective air-sealing and attic ventilation
  • A properly designed, installed and insulated duct system

If the minimum requirements for the Comfort Advantage Program are met, customers can qualify for a rebate of $300.  If the more stringent requirements of the Comfort Advantage Plus program are met, the incentive amount increases to $500.  Additional rebates up to $500 exist for Comfort Advantage homes, which install geothermal and air source heat pumps. Refer to the program website for more information.


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