Program Hudson Light & Power - Photovoltaic Incentive Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Massachusetts
Administrator Hudson Light & Power
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics
Sectors Residential
For PV installations, Hudson Light is offering an incentive for new solar installations to customers in good standing that meet technical requirements. For these customers, Hudson Light offers a rebate per watt of installed capacity up to 25KW. Hudson Light purchases excess generation from customers with Distributed Generation (DG) such as solar, wind turbines, etc., at a tariff based upon the monthly Power Adjustment Charge.

HLPD offers rebates to HLPD customers who install photovoltaic systems on their property. Project eligibility for a rebate is dependent on the angle/orientation of the panels, the lack of shading, and status as a customer in good standing. Customers will be required to have an inverter that automatically disconnects the PV system from the grid in the event of a power failure and must install a separate safety disconnect switch adjacent to the utility meter.

Contact HLPD for more information.

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