Maine Community Solar

Program Maine Community Solar
Category Regulatory Policy
Implementing sector State
Last Update
State Maine
Administrator Maine Public Utilities Commission
Technologies Solar Thermal Electric, Solar Photovoltaics
Sectors Residential

Community Solar in the state of Maine is governed by by P.L. 2019 c. 478, P.L. 2021 c.390, and Chapter 313 of the Public Utility Commissions (PUC) rules. These rules govern the state's Net Energy Billing (NEB) Policy. Under NEB there are two programs which customers can participate in "Community" or shared renewable projects, a kWh credit program, which is available to all electric utility customers, and a tariff rate program, which is available to non-residential customers.

The kWh program allows customers to choose to participate in a larger project on a “shared” basis with other customers. These projects provide kWh credits on participating customers' electricity bills at the retail kWh rate.

The Tariff Rate Program, for non-residential customers, provides dollar credits on participating customers' electricity bills. Rates are determined annually by the PUC.  For current rates used to determine the monthly credit, please see the Net Energy Tariff Rates on PUC's website.

Key features of the NEB program:

  • NEB programs allow customers to offset their electricity bills using the output from small renewable generators.
  •   Customers may own their own project or share in a project with other customers.
  •  The generation facility may be located on the customer’s property or on another property within the same utility service territory.   

For more information please visit Maine's Public Utilities Commission website for more information.

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