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Guam - Building Energy Code

Much of the information presented in this summary is drawn from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building Energy Codes Program and the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP). For more detailed information about building energy codes, visit the DOE and BCAP web sites.

On February 1, 2014, the Guam Tropical Energy Code was adopted as part of the Guam Building Code. The purpose of the new code is to provide minimum design requirements in order to achieve energy efficiency in all new buildings and renovations.

The Uniform Building Code (UBC) was adopted with provisions that allow the Guam Department of

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Guam - Net Metering

Eligibility and Availability

In 2004, Guam enacted legislation requiring the Guam Power Authority (GPA) to allow net metering for customers with fuel cells, microturbines, wind energy, biomass, hydroelectric, solar energy or hybrid systems of these renewable energy technologies. In 2010, Guam amended net metering and raised the system capacity limits to 25 kilowatts (kW) for residential systems and 100 kW for non-residential systems.*

Customer-generators may be billed on a monthly basis, or with their written consent, on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual period. 12 GCA § 8501 provides that if a system has produced net excess generation at the end

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Guam - Renewable Energy Portfolio Goal


Guam Bill 166 enacted in March 2008, established a renewable energy portfolio goal of 25% renewable energy by 2035.* Under this law, each utility that sells electricity for consumption on Guam must establish a renewable portfolio goal according to the following schedule:

  • 5% of net electricity sales by December 31, 2015
  • 8% of net electricity sales by December 31, 2020
  • 10% of net electricity sales by December 31, 2025
  • 15% of net electricity sales by December 31, 2030
  • 25% of net electricity sales by December 31, 2035

Additionally, any permit issued for the construction of a base load electrical

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