Program Community Renewable Energy Amendment Act
Category Regulatory Policy
Implementing sector State
Last Update
State District of Columbia
Administrator Pepco
Start Date
Technologies Solar Thermal Electric, Solar Photovoltaics
Sectors Residential

D.C. Act 20-196, enacted on December 13th 2013, established a community renewable energy program in the District of Columbia. This program sets a production capacity of 5MW on all systems, along with a minimum of two (2) subscribers. Community renewable energy facilities (CREF) may offset no more than 120% of the subscriber's electricity consumption over the prior 12 months. All individual billing meters must be within the District of Columbia. Credit rates will be applied to customer's each billing month, and will be allocated by multiplying the quantity of kilowatt hours allocated to each subscriber by the subscriber's CREF credit rate. The CREF credit rate is equal to to the standard offer service rate for the General Service Low Voltage Non-Demand Customer class or its successor, as determined by the Commission.

See Pepco's Community Solar Resources page for more details.

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