Program SoCalGas - California Advanced Homes Incentives
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State California
Administrator Southern California Gas Company
Sectors Residential

SoCalGas offers an incentive for home builders to build multi-family high rises which exceed 2016 Title 24 standards by 15% or multi-family low rises and single family hopes with a Delta EDR (Energy Design Rating of at Least 3). The program is open to all single-family and multi-family new construction projects. 

The incentive payments are based on the final 2016 T-24 reports created and signed by a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) and verified by a third party HERS Rater. Incentives increase incrementally as the performance of the structure increases. Bonus incentives for weatherization and solar pv are also available for projects which exceed the basic program standards. For further details on these incentives and additional marketing support, please go to the California Advanced Homes web site.

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