Program Santa Clara County - Solar Access for Subdivision Development
Category Regulatory Policy
Implementing sector Local
Last Update
State California
Technologies Solar - Passive, Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Solar Pool Heating
Sectors Residential

The intent of Solar Access for Subdivision Development (Part 9) is to implement and enforce the requirements of the California Solar Rights Act, that the design of all subdivisions for which a tentative map is required shall utilize natural heating and cooling opportunities to the maximum extent feasible and that the dedication of solar easements may be required as a condition of tentative map approval for new parcels in order to protect solar access. It is intended that the provisions of this part shall prevail over any other provisions of this Ordinance Code which may conflict with any of these requirements. No tentative subdivision map shall be approved after the effective date of this part unless the provisions of this part are met. An energy conservation plan shall be submitted with the tentative subdivision map. In proposed subdivisions where a building configuration has been developed, solar access easements shall be designed to protect solar access to proposed south roof and south wall areas and any proposed site for a solar energy system.

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