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C4P Inc.
5155 Spectrum Way
La Grange, IN 60525
United States

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C4P’s Solar division provides the most efficient, eco-friendly and energy saving product line throughout residential and commercial use. Our solar products range from solar panels, inverters, controllers, and solar vents, to solar air conditioners and solar appliances. We carry a full range of solar refrigerators and solar freezers, powered by our own proprietary compressor. C4P Inc. is a product development, sourcing and manufacturing company dedicated to making the world a better place.Our goal is to offer products that are sustainable and environmentally sound through our innovative designs. By using state of the art technology, we provide creative designs and manufacturing solutions to our customers. Two of our flagship product lines are our solar refrigerator and solar freezer models. We manufacture several different sizes of each, all equipped with our proprietary DC compressor. Our team of experienced professionals strongly believes in delivering reliable products of the highest quality, and providing friendly customer service. C4P is committed to overcoming challenges in collaboration with our partners and customers so we can revolutionize the way people live, and how businesses are run on a day-to-day basis.
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