Solar APP+

SolarAPP+ - A Clean Energy Initiative

SolarAPP+ is a web-based platform that provides the ability to process requests faster. Local governments burdened with too many requests and have to go through the time-consuming red tape can now sanction approvals for solar deployment across all areas, be it residential or commercial. A huge incentive to use it is that it is a free tool.

SolarAPP+ For Speedy Installations

Even knowing that solar power is a renewable resource and despite the awareness that it is an essential step towards reducing the carbon footprint, its use has seen slow progress. It is largely because it is expensive to install, and the waiting period for approvals has been long.

However, thanks to the US Department of Energy (DOE), and their plan for a nationwide launch of the free web-based platform, this process will now enable a larger population to convert to solar energy for their electrical needs which is great news in the midst of all the bad news coming at us. What the DOE is doing here is outstanding when all Americans can use some good news.   

From the time that solar energy was discovered as a suitable alternative to energy derived from fossil fuels, it has evolved with regard to the cost, models, and technology. Initially, installing solar panels to draw power was prohibitively expensive for most users, although the monthly electric bills would have been reduced.

But with more innovations and newer types of solar panels, the cost has reduced dramatically, coming down by 90%, making it more affordable to the average user. Unfortunately, the cost reduction was not seen in other areas such as solar installation permits, contracts, etc.

Easier Access To Solar Energy Through SolarAPP+

With the launch of SolarAPP+, it is expected that solar energy suppliers will be more amenable to providing services in remote areas, as it will make it easier to conduct code inspections and ensure compliance to get their requests approved faster.

Making the permit process automated has enabled local governments to review projects for code compliance and approve the project in little to no time. Accelerating the permit process in this way gives new life to clean energy deployment as the reach becomes exponentially greater across the country. No one likes red tape or bureaucracy.

The Upside To Using SolarAPP+

The upside to this move is further cost reduction, more solar power suppliers entering the market providing a great employment opportunity, and a dramatic increase in residential rooftop solar installations.

Results from launching the SolarAPP+ pilot program have been highly favorable and it is safe to say conclusively that by September of 2021, with greater awareness of the uses of solar energy, we can see more local governments committing to the cause of using clean energy.

The Final Word

Anyone interested in either becoming part of the growing team of solar energy providers or wanting to become a solar power user has more than enough online resources to access and understand the basics of solar energy.

It helps to understand the uses of solar energy from different sides of the equation, such as consumers, solar energy companies, students pursuing research and development in the myriad uses of solar energy for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial services, and government officials.

Gathering comprehensive information on the efficacy of solar energy is a start that will encourage the move from fossil fuels to using renewable energy sources, if for no other reason than a commitment to saving the planet.