Solar Powered Buses

New Solar Technologies And New Ways to Utilize It's Energy

The current solar residential market is witnessing the emergence of a growing number of high-end solar innovations. And the days of the traditional, bulky rooftop panels seem to be numbered.

A lot of new  ground-breaking solar panel tech is estimated to hit the market in 2019 and beyond, including such things as high capacity bifacial, frameless, all-glass, and clear solar panels. If you are also keen to invest in a solar energy system for your home or business, research your options and stay aware of these new developments that may drive down costs and maximize your dollars.


Here is a short review of some of the new technologies to give you a better idea:

High-capacity bifacial solar panels

These panels provide extra value by harnessing sunlight through both sides. The reflection off the surface under the panels helps them do that. These are a very popular option since they offer higher energy harvest capacity.

Frameless solar panels

Do you find that most rooftop solar panel frames are highly unattractive? If yes, then frameless panels may be a concrete choice for you. They use specialized mounting equipment that matches the solar panels, giving a much more streamlined appearance.

All-glass solar panels

These are not only visually attractive but highly innovative and durable than usual silicone panels. All glass panels are generally integrated into skylights and are less prone to erosion. Also, these are fire resistant.

Clear solar panels

These panels use a frameless design that is completely enclosed in glass. This glass enclosure uses the same silicon technology as other models but it looks much more attractive because it puts the cells between 2 glass casings (as opposed to being put over the opaque backing part).

Other than these new entries in the market, we will also see:

  • New solar skin designs that can be customized to match your roof shingles
  • Micro-grids, inverter integration, and solar panels that are smaller and smarter

Do we have to install solar panels in order to benefit from solar power?

Thanks to constant improvements, 2019 and beyond will bring in new technologies that will allow you to harness sunlight without installing solar panels on your roof.

Solar Windows

Even though they look like normal windows, solar windows produce energy as sunlight flows through the glass which is coated with quantum dots.

Solar Shingles

These are the modern, sleek version of traditional roof shingles. Right now Tesla is offering the homeowners these glass tiles as a way to integrate solar energy production without changing their roof architecture. There are many other manufacturers that make solar roof tiles but Tesla's design has captured most of the buzz and has had issues keeping up with demand.

These shingles are available in textured, smooth, French, or Tuscan designs. Also, these tiles are far more durable than standard roofing materials, and they also provide better insulation.

New technologies that allow people to use solar power

As we know, harnessing the sunlight is not a new concept but innovations can make it easy to use solar power in ingenious ways. Here are just a few new technologies that will enable us to adapt through solar energy:

Solar lights

Solar lights not only reduce your electricity bills but they also make your home much more efficient. Several municipalities are seeking solar-powered street lights as a cheaper lighting option.

Solar wearables

Solar-powered fitness devices and smartwatches are already gaining popularity among the masses. This year we can expect to see solar-powered chargers for mobile phones, flashlights, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, and other rechargeable products that actually work.

Solar-powered transportation

We have already heard about the solar-powered roads, but apparently that’s not all. We can also expect to see solar-powered cars, subways (though the city of New York has an antiquated subway system according to 60 Minutes – that’s another story), buses, airplanes, and railroads very soon.

The way things are progressing, it might be well worth your time (and money!) to invest in solar power. It will not only reduce your carbon footprint and save energy but the long-term payback will more than make up for any investment you might make today.