Michigan Launches MI Power Grid

Michigan solar farm

The Michigan Public Service Commission along with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have launched an innovative initiative in Michigan to encourage citizens as well as companies to switch to clean energy which is easier to do in an economy that is competing well against the rest of the world because of lower taxes and less regulations.

The initiative is being called the MI Power Grid, and it will serve as the central source for information about clean energy technologies. It will also help utility customers, businesses, and other stake holders learn how to integrate their current systems with renewable energy sources.

MI Power Grid is also designed to offer feedback to help utilities improve their grid investments for affordable and reliable electricity services. A new website has also been launched for the initiative and it will provide information on MPSC efforts and other Michigan events regarding renewable energy.

Michigan on the Verge of a Clean-Energy Boom

The Midwestern state has increased renewable energy production well over 10% of utility electricity rates in the last 10 years. Michigan’s two top energy producers, Consumers Energy Co. and DTE Energy Co. have already invested more than $1 billion and have committed to invest $15 billion more in solar and wind energy sources. Utilities are estimated to exceed the 15% mark for clean energy by 2021.

Both Consumers Energy Co. and DTE Energy Co. have been busy replacing more than 12 coal-based power generation plants with cleaner energy sources. Consumers is looking for more ways to invest in solar and wind, and DTE is constructing a natural-gas based power plant in the St. Clair County with plans to build another one.

MPSC Chairman Says the Future is Promising

Sall Talberg, the MPSC Chairman, has said in the past that it’s crucial for the state government to have feedback from different variety of perspectives as MI Power Grid will help shape the future of energy in Michigan.

She also said that this transition to clean energy is incredibly exciting and it will certainly provide several benefits to customers, both residential and business. She added that this new initiative will make sure the residents and businesses of Michigan are equipped with information and tools to reap the benefits of renewable energy.

Talberg also said that the State Commission will also work with electric vehicle charging companies, wind & solar developers, utilities, alternate energy and battery-making companies to produce more options for people.

The Governor Anticipates a Boost to the State Economy

Gov. Whitmer also published a statement saying that focusing on renewable energy will help grow the economy of Michigan by protecting the overall public health and creating more jobs. Whitmer also said that in order for the state to become a leader in reliable, clean energy, Michigan’s electrical grid must be upgraded.

The new power grid initiative is expected to serve as an important tool in helping Michigan reach their goal and ensure that everyone – individuals and corporations – has the required resources to make the transition to clean energy. Whitmer said that she is excited to take further steps toward a more sustainable future with the help of MPSC.

Meanwhile Talberg also said in a statement that the Michigan residents want to know how energy-efficiency and waste-reduction programs work, and MI Power Grid will help with that by serving as a repository to educate the public and businesses.