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With the current rebates and credits available, solar is a very affordable option. If you paying for power now that is the same as renting, no equity and no chance of getting out from under a payment. Start owning your power today; install solar, wind or hydro to begin your journey.

The solar cell is mounted to catch as much of the sun as possible, this is preferably due south with a tilt to match. They do not have to be mounted on your roof, we actually prefer to build an additional structure such as a gazebo. As sun light strikes the panel, this is converted into energy which is routed toward your panel.Next is the device called an inverter, this box takes the power from your solar cell, changes it and then outputs power matched to your power company. This device has several important jobs such as generating power "in sync" with the power company, shutting off the output if a fault is detected and giving you data as to how well your system is performing. The last part is the protection equipment, the electrical code requires devices called disconnects to separate your system from the power company for maintenance or repair.