Long Island Power Solutions

Long Island Power Solutions
3122 Expressway Drive South
Islandia, NY 11780
United States

40.8084984, -73.1805123

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
KW's Installed: 0
new york solar energy industry association
residential properties, commercial properties
Generate Your Own Solar Power Drastically Reduce or Eliminate Your LIPA Bill Forever L.I.Power Solutions can install a solar panel system with virtually no out of pocket cost. With a combination of LIPA rebates, tax credits and smart financing, you can OWN a PV solar system without laying out money. In fact you can be in a positive cash flow scenario in the first month. Which means, not only will you not lay out money, you will have extra money in your pocket every month immediately. Not every home qualifies for this but at the very least, you can dramatically reduce your monthly electric bill. BLACKOUT PROTECTION options are available.