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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
KW's Installed 150
Licenses New Jersey Licenced Electrical Contractor #15624New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor Licence #13VH06108000
In Business Since 2010
Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties

CMA Solar provides the tailored, end-to-end solar power solutions you need to help you achieve the financial and environmental returns that you want.


Solar, or photovoltaic, power converts sunlight into electricity without creating pollution or using fossil fuels. Photovoltaic panels are installed to capture light and convert it to direct current (DC). A solar inverter then changes the power to alternating power (AC) that is used to meet the electric needs of homes or businesses. The amount of power that is generated depends on the size and the number of solar panels and access to direct sunlight.

Today, homes and businesses with solar panels remain connected to the electrical grid.

This way when the solar panels are not generating enough power to meet the customer’s needs, additional power can be drawn from the grid. Alternatively, when the panels are generating more power than is needed, the extra power can go back into the grid, producing a credit for the owner of the solar panels at full electric rates.