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At DFW Solar Electric, our customers come first. We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service at every step of the way - from site survey to system design, through installation and then during the maintenance phase. We value our customers' time, and take their opinions seriously. We constantly use customer input to improve our service and make the process better for our customers. DFW Solar Electric LLC has experienced and professional installation teams, and we adhere to all building codes and industry standards. We use only products from reputable suppliers, and our solar panels, inverters and racking materials are guaranteed to last. In fact, we can install your system in as little as three or four weeks! DFW Solar Electric prides itself on working with its North Texas customers to find a solution that fits their needs. If solar isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll be the first to tell you. If, however, the benefits outweigh the risk of rising electricity prices, we’ll develop a solar electric strategy that reduces your expenses and helps you help the environment by going green.