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Next Generation Power Systems.


Next Generation Power Systems, Inc.
1502 17th Street SE
Pipestone, MN 56164
United States


43.9795447, -96.2873243

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Market Residential Properties

Next Generation Power System is a subsidiary of Juhl Wind Incorporated located in Pipestone, Minnesota. Energy efficiency products, solar space heating and renewable energy system design, sales and service are what Next Generation is all about.

Next Generation is a full-service company that specializes in renewable energy design and advanced conservation technologies. Production, management, conservation of energy are our company’s main focus.

Next Generation Power Systems has been installing, servicing, and maintaining all of its own projects for more than five years. The Next Generation SolarBank/PowerBank systems applications range from small homes to commercial bank chains.

All of the manufacturing of the NG 44 is done in our 3400 sq. ft. modern, production facility in Pipestone, MN. We at Next Generation are working to incorporate the technology to sell. Our facility uses solar thermal heat panels to heat the shop.

Next Generation Power Systems, Inc. is a full-service company specializing in renewable energy and advanced conservation technologies.

• Next Generation’ products are specifically designed to solve the challenge of inventorying power, creating unique and highly valuable solutions for the production, management and conservation of energy

• Management team has extensive experience in the renewables/alternative energy field, including direct influence in government policy making, relationships with key individuals at the institutional customer level and direct experience in running and managing renewable/alternative energy operations